December 11, 2005

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names: Free mp3s available below

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names are Swedish and somehow they 'sound' Swedish. The vocals hollowed out just enough to make room for a psyche bruised by months of darkness offset by months of the midnight sun and by the infamous myth that Sweden has the highest suicide rate in the world. There is a cold sadness inherent in Jonas Farm's singing, the timbre of his voice. It can also be found in the vocals of fellow Swede Jens Lekman, both have a crooners vibe with a dash of midnight snow layered across it all.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - #3 - Released: 2005/10/12
Here is the track list for the recently released #3 - download track 2, "Loop Duplicate My Heart".
1. Marry Me
2. Loop Duplicate My Heart
3. A Couple Of Instruments
4. Parakit
5. Trees & Squirrels
6. Funeral Face
7. Noodles
8. Peters Dream
9. Shitty Weekend
10. Rent A Wreck
11. Seems To Be On My Mind
12. Little Boys In The Ghetto


+ rent a wreck

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