January 05, 2006

David Fridlund :: NEW MP3

Sara Culler and David Fridlund: free mp3 below
sara culler and david fridlund

David Fridlund has just made available a new mp3 on his blog. It's a cover of Nick Cave's "Into My Arms", a beautiful song that I discovered around the same time David did, although I came across it while watching a movie called Zero Effect. David's version is faithful to the original, concentrated around the vocal and piano... the perfect song to tell someone you love them.

+ into my arms
*if you like it, go to David's blog through the link above and let him know--I'm sure he'd like that*


On a related note, the special person who introduced David Fridlund to the song above, Sara Culler, has just joined the legions who are myspace... go check out what music Sara has for you to enjoy on her myspace page.

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