January 03, 2006

Juni Jarvi

Juni Jarvi: Free MP3s available below

What is it about the way some Swedes sing? So straight forward and without bells and whistles, it can sound so unpretentious and unself-conscious. But why is that? Juni Jarvi sounds this way. I hear a little of the wintry doom of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names' Jonas Farm in Jarvi's singing, and yes, ok, a touch of Jens Lekman even. You may catch the sound of David Fridlund's vocals as well... especially in the song "Asleep". Jarvi's songs are kept to bare bones arrangements with a number of ear catching flourishes, which suits songs when they have a strong, simple structure as these do.

Jarvi will release his full length debut, after a number of earlier EPs, this spring. No specific date has been set for the release on Sound like an Orange, a Stockholm label. The new CD, recorded in home studios, was produced by Jarvi and musician friend, Rasmus.--with Jarvi playing nearly all instruments except for cello and on one track, drums.

Juni Jarvi is very talented and I highly recommend his music.

+ asleep
+ the stars above indian lake
+ i've never known what never means and i'll never understand

*There are more downloads and info at Juni Jarvi's website*

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  1. love it - thanks for the tip on him.