January 11, 2006

Secret Mommy: Free MP3s

Secret Mommy: Free MP3sDo you turn a blind eye and deaf ear when you see, or hear, the term electronica? Do you imagine hearing, once again, a handful of fascinating bleeps, squiggles, and bloops looped until you can't stand to listen any longer? Ok, I feel that way at times, although Vancouver's Secret Mommy uses an array of electronic sounds and samples to grow the captivating song "Dance Studio". At times humorous, it is always reaching in some small way towards a different pattern. The looped foundation of the track is the root system and the shifting rhythms are the sprouting leaves, the unfurling tendrils.

Not being a fan of experimental electronica I have a hard time comparing the music of Secret Mommy to anyone else... but betterPropaganda name checks Prefuse 73 in the similar artists box, so I'll go with that and also you could check out fellow Canadian and electronic musician, Montag.

from Very Rec [ache records 2005]...
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  1. artblot8:17:00 PM

    I got to see him perform that live when he had his cd release and it was really cool to see it come together! The addition of live guest guitar, sax, & trumpet was interesting, but they had a hard time finding the right time to play because of all the spontaneous manipulations.