February 04, 2006

Bluebottle Kiss: Coming to SXSW + Free MP3s

Bluebottle Kiss: Free MP3sI haven't talked, at all, about the upcoming SXSW in Austin,TX. Hundreds of good, to great, to amazing, bands and solo artists will be clogging the streets of Austin this March. This year marks an upswing in the number of Australian acts invited to perform. 30 have accepted and among them are Sydney band, Bluebottle Kiss. This is an instance of art and commerce, of creativity and bottom line, clashing. Bluebottle Kiss was signed by Sony back at the same time they inked Silverchair to a contract, Silverchair exploded and Bluebottle Kiss fizzled. A fact owing to the simple reason that the suits couldn't decipher Bluebottle Kiss and, possibly, leader Jamie Hutchings couldn't understand the suits. No surprise that, Hutchings is a passionate, artistic spirit whose life focuses upon his music... not upon playing the major label game. Formed in 1993, the band now has a handful of stellar albums under their belt, not to mention hundreds of live performances across the globe.

A great opportunity to discover the band will come this June when they, and label Nonzero, release a double disc titled, Doubt Seeds. And, of course, for the lucky who will be in Austin, you can see them perform at SXSW.

Bluebottle Kiss are:
Jamie Hutchings-vocals, guitar
Ben Grounds -guitar, vocal
Jared Harrison - drums, vocals
Ross Dickie - bass, vocals

Bluebottle Kiss MP3s...
+ Running Into Doors from the A Little Bit of Light single
+ Something Tiny from Come Across 2003
+ Everything Begins And Ends At Exactly The Right Time from Come Across 2003
+ Last Playboy In Town from Come Across 2003
+ So Slow from Come Across 2003
+ Slow Train To A Comfy Jail from Come Across 2003
+ Father's Hands from Revenge is Slow 2002
+ Ounce Of Your Cruelty from Revenge is Slow 2002
+ Gangsterland from Revenge is Slow 2002
+ Invent The Summer from Revenge is Slow 2002
+ Love As Fiction from Revenge is Slow 2002

acoustic songs...
+ Return to the City of Folded Arms
+ Farewell the Sleeping Trucks

Lights in the Sky B-Side to Rust and the Time 1996

You can purchase Bluebottle Kiss from Australian label, Nonzero, or US label, In Music We Trust.


  1. Anonymous7:49:00 AM

    Thanks - everything Bluebottle Kiss has done is excellent, but they also seem to be getting better and better.

  2. Good on ya for having BBK on your site.

    Maybe a few more links to their older songs on their site would also be good, although i guess if you're in the U.S. the earlier titles would be a bit hard to come across.

    Good work anyway : )