February 11, 2006

Controller Controller

Controller Controller: Free MP3s

Controller Controller are from Toronto. They are Nirmala Basnayake (Vocals), Colwyn Llewellyn-Thomas (Guitar), Scott Kaija (Guitar), Jeff Scheven (Drums), and Ronnie Morris (Bass). They play what has been described variously as 'death-disco', 'angular rock', 'post-punk', and 'dance punk'. You can find them on Paper Bag Records and their latest, X-Amounts, now out in Canada, will see release in the states March 7th.

MP3s from X-Amounts...
+ pf
+ poison / safe
+ the raw no
+ magnetic strip

MP3s from History [2004 - paper bag]...
+ watch
+ silent seven
+ disco blackout

X-Amounts track list
01. Tigers Not Daughters
02. PF
03. Poison/Safe
04. Rooms
05. Future Turtles
06. Straight In The Head
07. City of Daggers
08. Heavy As A Heart
10. The Raw No
11. Magnetic Strip

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  1. Anonymous9:14:00 AM

    their music is especially good for cardio workouts...