February 26, 2006

Josh Rouse: Subtitulo

Josh Rouse has received his fair share of acclaim for his songwriting over the course of 5 full length albums and his sixth effort, Subtitulo, does not falter or misstep, and will not dim his talent in the eyes of critics. The entire album was influenced and inspired by Rouse's moving from Nashville to Spain. A definite Spanish influence appears on a number of tracks and it seems to fit Rouse quite nicely. I've included a small sampling of the new album and, as a bonus, a few extra mp3s. One an old favourite and a couple from the much sought after Bedroom Classics Vol 2. Subtitulo is set for a March 21 release on Nettwerk.

*Limited Downloads* off of Subtitulo
+ summertime
+ el otro lado

BONUS: I got this song off a magazine compilation CD and it's still my favourite Rouse tune...
+ sad eyes
Bedroom Classics Vol 2
+ soul'd out
+ the last train

Subtitulo track list
1 Quiet Town
2 Summertime
3 It Looks Like Love
4 La Costa Blanca
5 Jersey Clowns
6 His Majesty Rides
7 Givin' It Up
8 Wonderful
9 The Man Who
10 El Otro Lado


Josh Rouse myspace


  1. Thanks so much for these great tracks... :)

  2. love this guys sound. first heard him on acoustic cafe (acafe.com) and loved him, but couldnt find a trace of him anywhere, glad you're giving him some space!!



  3. I love Josh Rouse! Thanks for the downloads!
    Nashville and 1972 have been two of my favorite releases of the last 5 years. Excellent!

  4. Hate to be a pill, but I am not loving the new stuff so much. I think I prefer him with full arrangements. These tracks harken back to his more acoustic approach, but I am not feeling the tunes so much. I'll still buy it!