February 18, 2006


Novillero are from Winnipeg, Manitoba. That's in Canada folks, so you know what that means, doncha? Great music. I can hear flashes of The Style Council (among others) in these tracks. How come these guys aren't all over the indie press and websites? Listen to these songs from their recent release, Aim Right for the Holes in Their Lives on B.C.'s Mint Records, and wonder along with me...

+ hypothesist

From their previous release, The Brindleford Follies on their previous label, Winnipeg's own Endearing Records...

+ stumble on
+ the plaguing of an ex-comic's mind
+ cat scan
+ art of carrying on


  1. how delightful. i especially like hypothesist, but maybe that's because it was the first song i heard; i'm convinced that people's favorites tend to be those things they see/hear/read first. this comment is becoming long-winded. merci.

  2. i approve of this post. good job.

  3. Actually discovered these guys yesterday whilst cruising the New Music Canada site and really liked what I heard. Hadn't tracked down those Endearing tracks though. Excellent work as always.

  4. Anonymous12:51:00 PM

    excellent find! Thanks! as always you're one step ahead of the curve. I agree with the first commenter also. Maybe that's because it's the first comment i Read. One last thing, i heard an artist the other day that made me think of this website: Kelley Stoltz.

  5. whsonic from austria4:31:00 PM

    wow! 30 minutes ago I heard Novillero for the first time, now I´m a fan :-)

    and you´re right: how come these guys aren't all over the indie press and websites?

    seems that Canada is a great place for great music (again)!

    only one problem: the download of "Cat Scan" doesn´t work

  6. glad all you guys like novillero!

    Whsonic: i just tried the cat scan link and it works. the mp3 is linked from the insound.com website. try it again...

    and all you new fans should let the band know through their website contact that you like what they do.

  7. Just ordered the new CD through half.com. That Mint Records website really needs to make ordering easier. And it oddly has a price of $62 listed. Uh...?

  8. The download for cat scan seems to work in that it downloads the song, but the file it's self is messed up.... at least in iTunes on Mac it plays as if you had your finger on the fast forward button the whole time.

    This happened with another track I got from insound one time, but I doubt it's them. It's probably whoever did the encoding at the record label.

  9. Hi. I play in Novillero (bass player in the picture that's posted)and I read the comments. Thanks for all the kind words, and I also have passed along the pricing TYPO!(Yikes!) to the good folks at Mint. I think the cd (Aim Right....) is $13 Cdn ordered direct from Mint. I'll try to find out why the encoding for Cat Scan was so weird. Sorry!

  10. Anonymous10:53:00 PM

    that band looks as good as they sound

  11. Anonymous1:43:00 PM

    Ya These Guys Rock.
    I Can't Wait To See Them With The New Pornagraphers February 18!

  12. i really like these guys.. just want to let you know that half the links don't work though (stumble on, the plaguing, art of carrying on)

  13. isabelle - thanks for letting me know about the links... they should work now.