March 19, 2006

M Craft: "Demons" MP3

Without any doubt the singer/songwriter to watch this year is 30 year-old M. Craft (the M stands for Martin). The Australian born and London based musician traffics in music that stirs comparison to Nick Drake and Simon and Garfunkel, and he even mixes some bossa nova shuffle into the pot. Craft began his musical career when he co-founded the famed Aussie band, Sidewinder, in 1991 at age 15. After the band dissolved in 2000, Craft wandered about, eventually settling in London where he released his solo debut I Can See It All Tonight in 2004. It drew some heady praise from the UK press and Craft was eager to get the next record done, but was beset by a number of disasters. The most serious being an electrocution suffered from a guitar amp, one that left him immobile for a couple of days. With all that behind him and the release of a hard won record ahead, things are looking up for the singer with the release of Silver and Fire coming March 20th.

+ demons [link expired]

In this song, "Demons", when he sings the line "... and I tried so hard..." and the chord shifts on the word hard, and his voice drops to match, that's the hook... the tiny, shiny, blue hook that will pull you into this song and tell you to seek out Silver and Fire, Craft's debut on British label, 679 Recordings.

Craft's myspace page is where you can stream four more songs from the album.

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