March 05, 2006

MOGWAI: Tour Site Launched


Mogwai have a tour site here with lots of features, such as:

*photos and videos from fans via Flickr and YouTube (fans can send an email to and have them automatically show up) .

*blogging from the band, including set lists.

*"favorite points of interest" of Mogwai such as Dreamland BBQ in Roswell, GA.

* a GPS feed from the bus that tracks their location and publishes to the "Where's Mogwai" button (this should be working by Monday).


From Mogwai's latest, Mr Beast...
+ folk death 95

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that's an amazing mashup-tour-site!

    Gotta try to sneak into the New York show - it seems to be sold out. :/