March 01, 2006

The Stills: New Album

Montreal's The Stills have a new disc, Without Feathers, coming May 9th. The band has a new sound with the permanent addition of touring keyboardist, Liam O'Neil, who can be heard throughout this new song on piano and organ.

This song, "In The Beginning", has a much more fleshed out sound than what they offered on their debut, perhaps due to drummer and main songwriter, Dave Hamelin, moving to the foreground to share guitar and vocal duties. It's a little more organic, a touch more upbeat... I like the change.

The Stills line up now stands as: Tim Fletcher (vocals/guitar), Dave Hamelin (vocals/guitar), Liam O'Neil (keyboards), Olivier Corbeil (bass), and Julien Blais (drums).

+ in the beginning (if this myspace link is more than a little slow to download, please try the other link)
+ in the beginning


  1. Anonymous4:14:00 PM

    their first album sounds way better than this country-toned crap.

  2. yeah, but what do you know... apparently not even your own name.

  3. I'm 50 / 50 on this tune right now. I've seen the Stills a couple times and I've followed them since I first heard "Lola stars and stripes" .. I'm going to have to catch it a few more times and see it in context of the rest of the record.