March 12, 2006


Tv on the Radio recently announced they had left Touch and Go Records for the major label, Interscope. Now first up after the label switch will be the Brooklyn band's second full length, tentatively titled, Return To Cookie Mountain. The buzz for this disc will continue to grow until it's release, which has not been confirmed as of yet. I'm not a big fan, but there are some great songs here and in keeping with previous releases I have found some that I like.

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+ let the devil in
i was a lover

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(Unconfirmed) Tracklist for Return To Cookie Mountain [via cmj]:
01. Playhouses
02. I Was A Lover
03. Province
04. Snakes + Martyrs
05. Wolf Like Me
06. Tonight
07. Dirty Whirlwind
08. A Method
09. Let The Devil In
10. Blues From Down Here
11. Wash The Day Away

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  1. i think this is the official tracklisting:

    01. Wolf Like Me
    02. I Was A Lover
    03. Province
    04. Hours
    05. Playhouses
    06. Let The Devil In
    07. Dirty Whirl Wind
    08. Tonight
    09. A Method
    10. Blues From Down Here
    11. Wahs The Day Away

    and for the record, i think this album is incredible.