April 06, 2006


This is a re-post that first appeared in December of 2004, but the mp3 link on Hard 'n Phirm's website had longed died, so here is the song again (better late than never)... even if you've heard it before, it's likely been a while since you enjoyed it. So... enjoy it.

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Radiohead have never turned my crank, pumped my balloon, made me buy thrift store cardigans and turn vegan, but being a member of 21st century society and its media onslaught, I have heard and heard ofRadiohead. So, when I learned of 'Rodeohead', a bluegrass medley of seventeen Radiohead songs done by the duo, Hard'N'Phirm, my interest was piqued. Having heard it - I LOVE IT! -especially at the two and a half minute mark when they sing the line 'Run, run, dammit, run!' followed by the cracking of a whip and a toy train whistle.

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  1. Hahahha that was hilarious

  2. I still love that one...and I play it often!

  3. Anonymous7:18:00 PM

    Please, Please, Please post again!!!