May 31, 2006

Happy Birthday, *Sixeyes

That's right, *sixeyes is two years old today! Wheee! I wish I was two again, someone to feed me, to push, or carry me everywhere. Someone to change my dia... okay, i wish i was five again. Yeah... five. Happy birthday. Here's some music.

Ted Leo
Me And Mia
Squeaky Fingers
Tell Balgeary Balgury is Dead
The Anointed One
The Crane Takes Flight
The Gold Finch and the Red Oak Tree
Walking Through
Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone

the social register + bury every dream
The Frames + "Dream Awake"
Shivaree + "I Close My Eyes"
M. Ward"Fuel For Fire"
Luxury + "Green Hearts"
tomihira + world class
erik friedlander + may it please heaven
John Vanderslice + amitriptyline
Wilco + "Spiders"
pela + episodes (diphenhydramine)
The Salteens + thoughts from sound
leeroy stagger + slowly sinking

The Constantines
+ nighttime/anytime (it's alright)
+ on to you

Arcade Fire
+ Laika
+ Power Out
+ Wake Up

Sweet Billy Pilgrim
+ God in the Details
+ ain't no jesus in here

* * * * * *

Today is also the last day of eMusic's 50 free downloads promo offer, this is a great offer from a great site. This is your last chance, go here. There's new Shearwater, Gomez, Beirut, and more, lots more.


  1. happy birthday from europe!

  2. Consistently the best mp3 blog on the web and believe me i read way too many.

  3. feliz cumpleaƱos!!! thx for the great music that you discover to us.
    cheers from Spain

  4. Anonymous4:21:00 PM

    Happy Birthday!

    And I'll never argue with more Ted Leo.

  5. congratulations!


  6. Happy Birthday, sixeyes! You hardly seem old enough to have more than foureyes, though! ;)

  7. Anonymous5:08:00 PM

    happy birthday sixeyes!

  8. happy birthday sixeyes, thanks for consistently giving us the goods

  9. Happy Birthday *Sixeyes!

  10. happy birthday :)

    thankyou for all you do