June 19, 2006

Licks of Love

by Chris Cummins

Pretend for a second that it’s around 3:30 in the morning and you’re wide awake. Every nerve ending in your body seems to be on red alert, every sense is ultra heightened, caffeine urgency running through your veins. You hop in your car, taking the tunnel you’ve driven through a million times before on your way into the city. But something's different, something's off. The normally dull lights from above seem blinding tonight and the concrete seems to cocoon you with its cold greyness. Off in the distance, you see lights flickering, getting closer until you are back onto the open road--a metropolis ahead of you ready for whatever you can throw at it. If you were Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, it would be at this very second that you feel infinite.

These feelings of charged emotion are what Licks of Love are all about. Consisting of keyboardist/singer Daniel DaSilva, drummer/programmer Rui Guerreiro and bassist Ron Pastore, the Brookyln based group were originally named Poleposition, but were forced to change their name for a variety of reasons too complex/boring to get into here. They’ve settled upon the name Licks of Love in order to musically recreate the bruises we all take from romantic entanglements. Sleek, sexy and scary, their sound offers the perfect soundtrack to your own late night adventuring. Until their debut under the new name is completed, you can check out a demo of “Places in Wrong Places” at their MySpace site and here's some more mp3s.

Poleposition MP3s
+ we live in cities
+ the nerve
+ o mar


  1. Anonymous9:19:00 AM

    Great songs.

  2. I always thought that poleposition were somehow affiliated with the portland (oregon) band menomena. guess I was wrong.