June 20, 2006

Tobias Froberg

Sweden's Tobias Froberg is such a pleasant surprise. I'd heard the name a few times before, but this was the first chance to actually hear him. And what I heard was the kinetic percussion of "When The Night Turns Cold" and the bedroom strum of "Love and Misery". Both of these tracks rise above the teeming indie rabble on the masterful arrangements (aided by his partner in music, Linus Larsson) and Froberg's voice alone. Froberg's voice a sound I want to describe using the oxymorons, soft steel, or sharp feather, but I will settle on 'liquid needle'. He cuts through the music and he comes close to cutting through the words in the songs, but he takes their shape and flows from letter to letter, syllable to syllable, from word to word.

from Somewhere In The City [2006]
+ when the night turns cold

first album, For Elisabeth Wherever She Is [2004]
+ so i
+ grace
+ what are you gonna do - part 1
+ see what we do to us


  1. Anonymous4:57:00 AM

    i love tobias and have been waiting for this new record. thanks for featuring him here.


  2. Anonymous5:37:00 AM

    oh, i'm lovin' 'when the night turns cold'!

    thanks a lot for turning me onto this guy