June 12, 2006

Tomihira: Play Dead: Review

Play Dead
[self-released - March 2006]
*Sixeyes Score: 8.1 out of 10

Review by Alan Williamson

to-mi-hi-ra (toe-me-he-rah) n. blues for shoegazers; sonic melancholia

The sound of this recording blossoms and spreads out of the speakers; a sad sky filled with melodies burning holes in the ozone and Dean Tomihira's voice soaring and gliding softly, a sleek hawk casting fleeting blue shadows. The omnipresent emotional guitars offer a perfect foil to the smooth vocals – and the effortless vocal delivery contributes to the dreamy aura of the music. An aura generated by the space in the songs and the crisp production by the three band members, Dean Tomihira (vocals/guitars), bassist Jeff Kay, and drummer Markkus Rovito. I'm sure that when most trios get in the studio they want to fill up all that space, but it's not dead air, that's living breathing ambience, and these musicians add little flourishes that only enhance the music and space. Talented, thoughtful musicians expressing themselves through lovely and sad melodies… take special note of this band, Tomihira, and their full length debut, Play Dead... in fact, buy it and Play Dead loud.

+ world class
+ color of destroyed

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