July 12, 2006

Apollo Up!

Everything about Apollo Up! has sharp edges... the guitars, the drums, the voices... even the words. And the only way to not get hurt is to go with the flow... believe me. To keep this as sharp and as tight as the music, I'll describe them thusly: (boxer) Roy Jones Jr as a one man band.

Opening track "Walking The Plank", musically at least, is Ted Leo and the Rx on steroids. Lead singer, Jay Leo Phillips, does a good job of conveying the energy of the music through his vocals, but lacks Leo's melodicism. Although, if you want to get pumped up for that big night out, this is the stuff to do it, Apollo Up!'s Chariots of Fire.

Chariots of Fire [Theory 8 Records ]
1. Walking The Plank
2. Invisible Syllable
3. No Song
4. Cut Up
5. Situation: Hot!
6. Even If You Don't Die
7. Custom Critical
8. The Job's A Game
9. Tennessee For Victory
10. Plans

+ walking the plank
situation: hot

* * * * * * * *
The Future of Rock 'n Roll: woxy.com has an in studio performance of the band in mp3 format. Go here for these five tracks and the interview.

1. Walking The Plank
2. Situation: Hot!
-- Interview --
3. Even If You Don't Die
4. Custom Critical
5. The Job's A Game


  1. these guys OWN live.

  2. Really? Then they must rent it out cause a lot of other guys are using it.