July 27, 2006

Blood on The Wall: Awesomer: Review

Blood On The Wall
[Fat Cat Records - August 14 2006]
*Sixeyes Score: 8.2 out of 10

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Review by David Reis

Brother and sister singing songwriters, Brad & Courtney Shanks, and a veteran drummer, Miggy Littleton, are Blood On The Wall. Formed in Brooklyn in 2000, B.O.T.W. sound like a classic dirty rock and roll band, originally set out to combine Brad's and Courtney's aggressive voices through unpolished bass lines, explosive guitar riffs and energetic drum beats. Awesomer extends Blood On The Wall's musical limits even further than before, as well as reaching back to tie-up loose ends from past self-titled debut. Here the trio trust on the loaded guitar tracks that lead the charge of their stylish, noisy and irreverent music. This is audaciously modern in its reawaking of fucked-up rock. It grabs you by the throat and doesn't stop jiggling until it's nice and ready. Some of it sounds extraordinarly wild and powerful ("Reunited On Ice" and "Heat From The Day") while other tracks ("I'd Like To Take You Out Tonight" and "Going To Heaven") amble intensely emotional and dark. Awesomer is an heterogeneous and a knotty album that stays in your head long after the chaotic guitars and the frenetic drums are silent. Ten minutes later, you click play again. Now, you can't do anything against it. You're addicted.

+ reunite on ice
heat from the day

*This is a re-release, Awesomer orignally came out on the The Social Registry label.

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