July 05, 2006

SPOON: 'Soft Effects' EP and 'Telephono'

Merge Records will release two Spoon recordings which have been out-of-print for years. Soft Effects (1997) and Telephono (1996) will hit stores as one deluxe package on July 25th. All songs have been remastered and there is a bonus video for Telephono track, “Not Turning Off”.

If you're only familiar with latter day Spoon (Gimme Fiction and Kill The Moonlight), then early Spoon will feel much rougher around the edges. Their recent work displays an intense laser-like focus in performance, arrangements, and songwriting, while Soft Effects and Telephono showed the world a band with mucho promise and talent, they also delivered some great music.

+ Mountain To Sound (from Soft Effects)
+ Idiot Driver (from "Telephono")

* * * *

More Spoon MP3s...

+ i didn't come here to die

"Decora", a Yo La Tengo cover, and "Everything Hits At Once (For Discos)" can be found here along with a number of Spoon videos.

These MP3s are found on Spoon's website...
+ BACK TO THE LIFE (from Kill the Moonlight)
+ BELIEVING IS ART (from Girls Can Tell)
+ PAPER TIGER (from Kill the Moonlight)
+ LINES IN THE SUIT (from Girls Can Tell)
+ I SUMMON YOU (Demo) - the finished version appears on Gimme Fiction
+ CAR RADIO (from A Series of Sneaks)

* * * *

Spoon albums can be found at eMusic and downloaded through their 25 Free Downloads offer.

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