July 16, 2006

The Veils: New Record Coming

I liked The Veils from the first moment I heard them. Lead singer/songwriter Finn Andrews with his rough-sugar vocals and songs that evoke times past in their absence of material objects and popular culture, stood out from the rest of the crowd. The album was 2004's The Runaway Found, but coming soon, (Sept. 11th) will be the new record, Nux Vomica (Rough Trade). A record which will, from the sounds of it, boast a more unified band approach to the songwriting. Andrews is the sole surviving member from the original Veils, now joined by Sophia Burn (Bass) and Liam Gerrard (Piano/organ).

Here's the title track from the upcoming release and two great songs from The Runaway Found.

+ nux vomica

... from The Runaway Found
+ lavinia
+ more heat than light

The new Album out in Benelux, August 21st, 2006 and the rest of the world, September11th, 2006.

Track listing for Nux Vomica
01. Not Yet
02. Calliope!
03. Advice For Young Mothers To Be
04. Jesus For The Jugular
05. Pan
06. A Birthday Present
07. Under The Folding Branches
08. Nux Vomica
09. One Night On Earth
10. House Where We All Live

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  1. I've heard Calliope and Advice for Young Mothers, and they're both great. Looking forward to the bigger picture. Thanks for the post.