August 15, 2006

The Little Ones: Sing Song: Review

The Little Ones
Sing Song EP
[Branches Recording Collective - March 2006]
*Sixeyes Score: 7.5 out of 10

Review by JP Swenson

The Little Ones’ debut EP, Sing Song, features six sunshine pop songs mixed by the talented Tony Lash. It would be fair to compare their sound to The Shins, Neutral Milk Hotel, or Beulah. And if you liked the album art of The Shins’ “Chutes Too Narrow”, you’ll like the cover art of “Sing Song”, as it was done by the same artist, Jesse LeDoux, which would be a clue as to any possible comparisons. It’s sunshine pop using keyboards, electric guitar, bass and drums, so you probably know what sounds to expect: happy sounding songs filled with bright, clean guitar lines and filled with double-tracked vocals and smooth harmonies that frequently sing wordless melodies of just “la la la” or “ooh ooh ooh”s. Be ye warned, however: it’s sunshine pop, and if you have a low tolerance of sugary perkiness, stick to one or two songs per listening. It’s good summertime music and any of these tracks would be apt on a summer mix cd. They’re touring this fall with The French Kicks; check ‘em out.

+ high on a hill
+ cha cha cha

JP Swenson is a musician and English major who loves to misspell and misuse words. He is fascinated by regional accents and is somewhat ashamed that as a native Pacific Northwesterner, he has no accent.

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