October 19, 2006


Vancouver's Bella work the synth/sugar pop angle until it becomes razor sharp. The three members, two girls and one boy, could be three razor blades... blades that'll get your legs nice and smooth... if you shaved your legs, of course I don't (but, I'm open minded).


With all members taking turns at the mic, a vocal identity for the band isn't a strong point, but the simple arrangements, musicianship, and strong production, make the music distinctive. I mentioned the production because it was achieved in part by the owner and chief engineer of Vancouver's Hive Studios, Colin Stewart. Stewart engineered Bella's Pretty Mess, but that's not all, his list of credits is impressive to say the least: Black Mountain, The Salteens, Pink Mountaintops, Despistado, Jon-Rae Fletcher, The Unicorns, p:ano, Destroyer, Frog Eyes, The Handsome Family, Hot Hot Heat, The Walkmen, and many more.

Listen to Bella--I especially like the guy's falsetto in "Crystal Tears"--from the album, Pretty Mess...
+ crystal tears [mp3]
+ didn't mean to break out love [mp3]

The band's myspace page.

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  1. it's about time!! what a great band. good people too!