November 18, 2006

The Shins: "Australia" MP3: KEXP Session + Sunny Day Sets Fire

James Mercer's voice is the most melodic siren I've yet heard. It's so distinctive, and it's that distinctiveness paired with the doubleshot of bittersweet lyrics and sharp cornered melodies that make the Shins one-of-a-kind in the 'break the mould and throw it away' world of indie rock. This mp3, of a song from the band's upcoming release, Wincing The Night Away, is a very faithful live rendition of the album track. The album is great, if you love indie pop at it's best (and who doesn't?) put this one on your 'to buy' list.

+ australia [KEXP Session November 3rd 2006]

*I forgot to mention that this mp3 was found on the superior music blog, Bradley's Almanac.

*Get more Shins mp3s here.


Also worth a listen or two, is the band Sunny Day Sets Fire. Based in London, UK, the four members mix a little whimsy("Brainless"), sharp hooks ("Wilderness") and a solid beat (everything I've heard so far), to easily be labelled your new fave band.

+ wilderness
+ lack of view

You can stream some more songs on their myspace page and you can buy the EP here (this is a link to iamsound records myspace page - i believe you can buy the EP on the page somewhere).

Sunny Day Sets Fire myspace page.

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