January 26, 2007

Jack Adaptor

This duo, with the name that sounds like a Spoon song, has the knack of melding catchy with funny. Just give "Albino Alligator" a listen, with the singer continually pushing the line "... skin tight...", over and over and then, just once, drops in a quick "... well hung...". The song that really got me listening was this one, "Piano Hands". A sweet and simple melody upon a synthed string section is what will make this one stick. You may not notice that it has done that, stick I mean, but the sticky piece of ribbon which is this song, will get to flapping now and again asking to be played once more.

Together since 2002, Jack Adaptor has found itself compared to the humorously idiosyncratic outfit, Ween, but the only connection I see, or hear, is one of humour. From what I can glean from their website, they've released three albums with the most recent being Road Rail River in the spring of 2006 (earlier efforts being Jack Adaptor in 2001 and Right Royal in January of 2006). Jack Adaptor doesn't fit into any pigeonhole, or ape any sacred cows, this duo of Christopher Cordoba and Paul Frederick, have their own special cage at the indie zoo and this is where they can dig, in peace, their own 'jackadaptorhole'.

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albino alligator [mp3]
piano hands [mp3]

MP3 Bonus:
right royal [mp3]
get on the wheel [mp3]

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