March 03, 2007


"stopstarts are a 3 piece pop group formed in their mother's womb and based in Glasgow."

At least that's how they're described on their myspace page. The Scottish band fall somewhere between Franz Ferdinand and The Futureheads... a damn nice hole to fall into. "Mentor" has velcro hooks snagging everything in sight... get up, get ready to dance, and loosen up that falsetto, you're gonna need it. The b-side of their new single is that aforementioned song, you can find it here when you're ready to buy. And, by the way, if you're liking this song, you've got to hurry over to their myspace to stream what else they're offering. Give "Diamondless" a few listens, it's the new single available April 2nd (grace records) and backed with "Mentor"... It's damn freakin' catchy too.

mentor [mp3]


  1. Damn freakin' catchy indeed.

    As if I needed another reason to try and go back to Glasgow. Such an amazing music scene, [b]and[/b] it's really not as easy to get stabbed minding your own business walking down the street as I had been lead to believe.

  2. you should check out bricolage for up-and-coming catchy scottish music. so fab!