April 04, 2007

Basia Bulat: A Rising Star

This is a re-post. You know, if it looks familiar.

I can't recall how I was lucky enough to find the music of Canadian Basia Bulat, but find it and post it I did close to two years ago. And as surprising as her talent is, is the sad fact that it took two years and a label in Europe (Rough Trade) to get her signed and, thankfully, an album recorded. In Basia's music there may be classical instruments plucked and strummed, and folky elements, and aggressive rhythms, but over all of it comes her striking voice. Most definitely feminine and yet it displays a toughness, there's a line of steel running through the soft edges, running through her pliable delivery of the lyrics. She's got a distinctive way of tying the words together, vaguely jazzy, Joni Mitchell with a lovely little bird warble. This is the kind of voice that'll inspire devotion in fans, now all they need is the chance to hear her and the music she describes as 'chamber pop', and that will come, in a small way here and now (and on other music blogs), but in a big, big way when Rough Trade delivers her debut full length, Oh, My Darling, on May 21st 2007 in the UK and Europe. As of yet, a North American release date hasn't been announced.

why can't it be mine [mp3] from Oh, My Darling
Find more mp3s here.

Oh, My Darling Tracklist:
Before I Knew
I Was a Daughter
Little Waltz
Snakes and Ladders*
Oh, My Darling
Little One
Why Can't It Be Mine
The Pilgriming Vine*
La Da Da
Birds of Paradise
A Secret

*Stream these two songs at CBC Radio 3

Basia's myspace

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