March 06, 2007

Fulton Lights: Debut Album Release + MP3s

fulton lights
Andrew Spencer Goldman is the prime force behind Brooklyn NY's Fulton Lights, a project which sees it's mood built as much upon the softly breathed vocals of Goldman as the sparse crisp instrumentation.

This Tuesday March 6th will be the release date of his self-titled debut album after releasing music as John Guilt and Maestro Echoplex. This is chill out music for urbanites who can't bear to release all of their city-bred anxiety. Or for small town folk yearning for 2 am in the 24 hour urban decay cycle.

There'll be a CD release party in NYC on March 15th at Tonic, with Frances, and Still (x-dj of dalek doing experimental turntable set--Still is now playing in Fulton Lights).

The show starts at 8pm and is $8.

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