March 12, 2007


Press Release:

"Jagjaguwar is proud to announce the imminent release of LIGHTNING DUST's self-titled debut on June 19, 2007.

LIGHTNING DUST is Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, who have been playing together for many years as part of BLACK MOUNTAIN. They've toured the world and have played impenetrable space-rock to the unlikeliest of audiences. With an abundance of creative energy to spare, the two decided to start a separate project together. Committing themselves to a more simple approach with Lightning Dust, Webber and Wells also decided to escape the comforts of their familiar instruments and writing styles. On their debut, minimal and spacious arrangements and a moody, theatrical vocal-style aptly expose the demons, creating songs that creep into your bones with a haunting chill. Lightning Dust will be touring North America in June with good friends The Cave Singers, so please stay tuned for tour dates as they are confirmed. Also, in the latter half of this year, Webber and Wells will rejoin the rest of the Black Mountain army for touring prior to the release of the second Black Mountain full-length, slated to come out the very beginning of 2008 on Jagjaguwar."

What do they sound like? Like Amber Webber's back country warble set to minor key sadness... in other words, they sound great. 3 songs are streaming on their myspace page, which is linked above.

Lightning Dust Tracklist:
Listened On
When You Go
Wind Me Up
Take Me Back
Jump In
Castles And Caves
Days Go By

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