March 22, 2007

The National: NEW MP3 "Fake Empire"

This is the lead off track from the National's upcoming (May 22) album, Boxer. And it instantly shows those familiar with this outstanding band a few significant changes. Firstly, the piano, which is not a common instrument to be heard on a National record, played here, I'm guessing, by the talented leader of the band Doveman, Thomas Bartlett. Secondly, the production jumps out and grabs you by the lapels and it fits a band as rich musically and lyrically as The National. Lead singer, Matt Berninger, has a hefty baritone that I think benefits from the richer sound. Another curve thrown here is the brass instruments and this from the song title is a no-brainer... "Fake Empire". Brass horns were, and I suppose are, traditonally used to herald the Monarch of the British 'Empire'. Whether horns pop up on other tracks from the album I can't say, but I'm hoping that Mr Bartlett's piano make numerous appearances. This song has me very excited to hear more and to see the band when they tour later this year.

Here's the mp3...

fake empire [mp3]

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    the mp3 is broken, pls fix it..