March 31, 2007

The National's 'Boxer' Has Leaked

Yes, that's right, Boxer has sprung a leak and it looks like no one's going to sop up the beautiful mess. The release date is over 7 weeks away, I think, and here it is playing as I type (thank you, D.S.) , the song "Ada" playing. It's a lovely melody driven by Matt Berninger's smoke empowered vocals, the wonderful addition of piano to many songs on this new album, and lines like these...

Stand inside an empty tuxedo
with grapes in my mouth
waiting for Ada

I'm not going to post a song from Boxer, yet. I could get all kinds of traffic by doing so, but I want to get a much better feel for the new music. The band has obviously made an attempt to grow and expand, musically and literally, by seeking out the musical talents of Doveman's Thomas Bartlett and indie it-boy Sufjan Stevens. And I should at least make an attempt to grow by burrowing into the rich soil of this new music.

And that is the band in the cover shot for Boxer.

From Boxer - fake empire [mp3]

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