April 01, 2007

ARCADE FIRE MP3s: Saturday Night Live AGAIN

Ok, now I get it. After a few emails about those two Saturday Night Live mp3s I'd posted back on February 25th, I didn't understand the sudden interest. But that episode of SNL was rebroadcast last night.

So, for J.N, R.S., L.T., B.W., and J.B., here are those mp3s (and for all of you who came looking) enjoy:

The mp3s have been re-posted here on July 27th due to demand.

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  1. Wow. Thanks for this. I recently felt that all Arcade Fire songs sound the same. But I saw them on SNL last night and they were awesome.

  2. I saw them on SNL that night too and i thought who is this band and i really wasn't paying attention this is first time i heard of them but i heard there first song and about half way through i was like "This song rocks" I like how intense he gets and it really looks like this song means something to him. that was before he smashed the guitar just the look in his face was intence and you dont see that every day. its good to see someone who is that intence about his message.