April 09, 2007

Bright Eyes' Cassadaga Get's 6.0 From Pitchfork

The buzz that surrounded Bright Eyes new full length gets squashed right here by Pitchfork's pretty much spot on review.

"That overconfidence also infects other parts of Cassadaga: "Four Winds", with its squealing guitars and fiddles, sounds like a honky-tonk version of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"..."

middleman [mp3]
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  1. Oh my, I really like this blog, but this post really makes me angry. The buzz gets squashed?
    Man, It seems you were hoping for a devastating review from the fork, just to spite Conor Oberst.

    you selectively quote the fork review.
    Beside the line you quoted, there's also something like this in there:

    "...This is a shame, because on the songs in which Oberst actually casts himself-- the subtle, lovely "Lime Tree", for instance, which is about loneliness and longing and everything he truly understands-- his musical gifts and emotional intelligence come to the fore."

    Brian Howe didn't embrace the record in his review, but he pointed out the things he very much liked on this record, and the things he didn't in a very well written, eloquent piece. Okay, I'd hoped for a higher rating than 6.0 but I understand his points, disagree with some, agree with others.

    Why don't you write your own review, instead of throwing out a line from some other site?

  2. Hey Tom:
    Thanks for your thoughts. I selected that quote because it rang so true for me when I read it.

    I have no desire to review a bright eyes record. BUT I did have someone lined up to write just that review for sixeyes... where it is is anyones guess (that means that it was never received from the writer).

  3. Not to insult SixEyes or Pitchfork, but I don't think Conor Oberst is going to feel spited because some guy with a weblog was pulling for a critical review from a website that traffick's in picking apart indie rock.

    I read this blog every day. SixEyes puts together a quality product. I really like it. And I also like Bright Eyes quite a bit, but I'm not blind to the fact that some people have a problem with him and a lot of people just basically don't dig his music.

    Just throwing all that out there.

  4. "Why don't you write your own review, instead of throwing out a line from some other site?"

    Why don't you start a blog that helps to reach a lot of great music??? That's easy speaking ill of something, but when it comes to work something, it's not as easy as talking!

  5. Oberst is one of those guys that people seem to either adore or despise. I'm a fan of his writing, but his vocals make my skin crawl...until I heard "Four Winds." I was fished in (heard it on a Paste Sampler) by the music, and didn't even realize it was Bright Eyes until the vocal kicked in. Still, Oberst sounds mucho improved and lots less wobbly. The song is quite appealing.

  6. That is the song that I like on the album, "Four Winds", I mean. It reminded me of Dylan's "Hurricane" at first. I've never liked his folkier stuff, when he's got a beat goin' on, i tend to find his music much more appealing.

  7. I'm pretty apathetic towards Bright Eyes, but I have the good sense to know that P4K has never given Bright Eyes any sort of praise beyond pretentious mediocrity. A bad P4K review most likely invigorates parts of the community, anyway.

    And I LIKED Four Winds, too.