April 04, 2007

The National Boxer: Pre-Order!

I know you've got great taste. Your friends are always asking you what you're listening to and where you got that jacket. And now you've heard the brand spankin' new song from The National's upcoming album, Boxer, a song called "Fake Empire", and you love it. You realize you've outgrown those shallow noisy, buzzy, dime-a-dozen indie bands that the guys behind the record store counter are always talking about (and usually end up forming themselves). You want what The National are offering with this new song: substance, weight, beauty, and yes, even experience. Now listen:

fake empire [mp3]

Now you may pre-order (click the pic):

And you have to know this... I've heard the album and it's, at this point in my relationship with it (does that sound odd to you?), as good as Alligator, but different.

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