April 26, 2007

Songs Brandon Should Download at eMusic

Okay, here it is, the first (and maybe the last) column listing what you, or someone called Brandon, should download at eMusic this month. What? You don't know about eMusic. Check it here, or here (if you want to get the lowdown on 25 free DRM-Free mp3 downloads).

(and just so you know, I get a few bucks for every non-subscriber who takes them up on their free trial offer)

Start with Bryson first and go from there (i should add that because many artists are on different labels in different countries, some of these artists may not be available in your neck-of-the-woods):

Jim Bryson - Where The Bungalows Roam
Josh Rouse - Subtitulo
Transmissionary Six - S/T
Destroyer - Anything you can get!
The Broken West - I Can't Go On, I'll Go On

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