May 01, 2007

Blitzen Trapper: New Album + MP3

Ok kiddies, I’ve got that something special you’ve been waiting for… no, not Handsome Furs (they do not qualify as special)… the special something is the new Blitzen Trapper album, Wild Mountain Nation. “Devils A-Go-Go”, the lead off track, is reason enough to seek out this record. A twisted garage stomper with 60’s overtones, this track sets them off and running in the right direction… raucous, rockin’ and rustic. These guys are rustic in the way that Akron/Family is rustic, but there’s something off here, just a little David Lynchian, I looked at pictures of these guys and started thinking of an old X Files episode called ‘Home’. These guys are rocking me and makin’ the little hairs stand at attention (nooo, not those hairs).

devil's a-go-go [mp3]

Wild Mountain Nation is out June 12th. Get it.

MP3s From record label Dead Bees...
love i exclaim [mp3]
pink padded slippers [mp3]
40 stripes [mp3]

The band's myspace page


  1. Their music isnt as creepy as this picture, but its some interesting stuff.

  2. Handsome Furs ARE special, I do believe. Although I like Blitzen Trapper as well