May 31, 2007

Montag 'Going Places'

Montag is a Montreal artist, Antoine Bédard, who, unlike other more well-known Montreal artists Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade, creates his music in the electronic field. But this isn't the harsh over done electronic beats of a band like Justice, Montag has a soft touch, and this softness is echoed in the choice of collaborators on his latest effort, Going Places. Working with Beach House's Victoria Legrand, Final Fantasy's Owen Pallett, Anthony Gonzales of M83, Amy Millan of Stars, Québécois hip-hop artist Ghislain Poirier, the band Au Revoir Simone, and Vancouver-based singers Ida Nilsen of Great Aunt Ida and Leah Abramson, Bédard has expanded on the sound he created with 2005's Alone, Not Alone. Recorded at Montag's home studio, Micro Ohne Studio 3, in Vancouver, Going Places will hit shelves on June 5th through Car Park.

The song "Best Boy Electric" sounds like an upbeat Stars, while his boy-on-boy duet with Final Fantasy's Pallett, "Softness, I Forgot Your Name", is short and sweet melancholy.

best boy electric [mp3]
softness, i forgot your name [mp3]
going places [mp3]

Going Places (June 5th) track list:
1. I Have Sound (with M83)
2. Best Boy Electric
3. Mechanical Kids (with Amy Millan of Stars)
4. Alice (with Ghislain Poirier)
5. 322 Water (with Ida Nilsen)
6. Softness, I forgot Your Name (with Final Fantasy)
7. Safe in Sound (with Amy Millan of Stars)
8. Hi-5 au DJ
9. Hands Off, Creature! (with Leah Abramson)
10. (Plus Grand Que) (with Victoria Legrand of Beach House)
11. No One Else (with Au Revoir Simone)
12. Going Places

Montag's myspace.

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