May 22, 2007

The National: Black Sessions MP3s

The National's latest effort, Boxer, another 'grower' by the way, which is how I tagged Alligator in my review back in 2005, is finally, officially, in stores... and all over the internet (a good chunk of the album has been posted on blogs in the past two days) if you go looking here. But here at Sixeyes we're going to give you the band live, or to put it another way... FANTASTIC. This is one amazing outfit to see perform in front of you, you owe it to yourself and future generations (ok, that's a little over the top) to see this band of musicians.

These are mp3s from two separate Black Sessions (which are live radio performances) that the band did in France over the past four years.
Links have passed on...RIP.
Read Sixeyes most recent interview with band singer and lyricist, Matt Berninger.
Check tour dates here.
BUY Boxer and/or Alligator


  1. thanks for spreading the national love!

    do you have the rest of that 2003 session, by any chance? they did another one this year..i'm on the hunt for that.

    and boxer is definitely a grower.. right now it's a-grown a tight grip.

  2. hey ryan
    yes, i have the rest of it. i'll post it this weekend.