May 08, 2007

White Stripes: Peel Sessions MP3s

Yeah, White Stripes have a new album coming on June 18th called Icky Thump. I've heard the single by the same name and believe me I'm not lining up to buy this one, but I've only heard the one song, so it may not be as bad as I fear. This is no "Seven Nation Army", or "Denial Twist". For a refreshing taste of the band in their earlier days here are six tracks from their two Peel Sessions recorded in July and November of 2001.

hotel yorba [mp3]
i'm finding it harder to be a gentleman [mp3]
you're pretty good looking (for a girl) [mp3]
little room/the union forever [mp3]
rated x [mp3]
apple blossom [mp3]

Find more mp3s here.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm...I can't help but remember many similar comments from people when they released both 'Blue Orchid' and 'My Doorbell'.

    Perhaps 'Icky Thump' will grow on people in much the same way? I hope so.