July 11, 2007

Spoon's Britt Daniel Talks About 'Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga'

More Spoon for you guys. Just found on eMusic that they've done a interesting little piece with Britt Daniel, Spoon's front man, talking about several songs on the newly released, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. Here are a few choice excerpts from the mouth of Britt Daniel... while you're waiting for the band's website to be updated (come on already, jeez):

On “Don’t Make Me a Target”:
This song is essentially about talking to the Big Guy in charge, asking Him to not make things any worse. I came up with it a while back, when I was writing songs for Gimme Fiction.

On “The Ghost of You Lingers”:
It was our choice to make this the first song leaked to the blogs. When there’s a band that’s been around for a while and I hear them doing something I’ve never heard them do before, that kind of excites me. It gets me way more intrigued than, say, hearing a song that sounds exactly like the record before. That was the thinking here: put something out there that will make even people that know us say, “Hey, this is exciting.” The problem is that the very next day, the whole album leaked, so that kind of killed that plan.

Read the piece here.

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  1. I resisted Spoon for quite a long time, but now, thanks to you, I am a Spoon freak.

  2. Nat - you are more than welcome. I will gladly take responsibility for your Spoon freakiness.