September 11, 2007

BEIRUT: Takeaway Show #64

Zach Condon loves Paris. He would like to live there, so it's no surprise that he and the band would do a Takeaway Show. The Takeaway Shows are videos of, typically, indie bands playing live in odd places. They've got a great impromptu feel, check out the videos of The Shins wandering about Paris and singing songs. Go here to check out all the Takeaway Shows and go here to see Beirut play two new songs, "Nantes" and "Penalty". Oh, yeah, the Takeaway guys are now in New York shooting 13 videos with Beirut, one for each track on the upcoming release, The Flying Club Cup.

The Flying Club Cup - Visit the website set up for the new album and watch the latest video shot September 8th of Beirut performing "Nantes" in Brooklyn. You have to see this video, the one done in Paris pales in comparison.

From The Flying Club Cup...
a sunday smile [mp3]

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