September 17, 2007

Bob Wiseman

With Bob Wiseman opening for Feist on her European dates, I thought I'd throw up this opening from my post on him from back in November 2005, with link to the whole post... along with a couple of mp3s, of course.

Bob Wiseman, free and legal mp3s available below

Bob Wiseman almost seems 'too' funny for his own good or at least his music's good (but not too Canadian, how could that possibly happen?). I mean that he would likely receive more attention and admiration from that quadrant of the music media with hyperbolic tendencies if his eccentric, formidable talent were framed at all times in a downtrodden, serious urban light (a là the Godfather of eccentric urban hipsters, Tom Waits). But Wiseman, I believe, follows his muse (serious or lighthearted) from whatever or wherever it springs (He has even done some film and television scoring). But when he does put his talent to a serious inspiration what appears is often lovely and touching. That is not to dismiss the more humorous songs he has penned... Wiseman is a funny guy. A multi-instrumentalist, he obviously has an affinity for any instrument with keys, such as organ, piano, toy piano, accordion, melodica, they all sing under Wiseman's fingers.


man of misery
born to love you

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