September 20, 2007

'Kurt Cobain: About A Son' - Trailer

You've heard about this one haven't you? Journalist and friend Michael Azzerad's conversations with Kurt Cobain turned into a documentary that's getting raves from critics across the continent. The film, Kurt Cobain: About A Son, will open in New York and Los Angeles on October 3rd and it's accompanying 21 song soundtrack was issued by Barsuk Records on Sept. 11th. After this short trailer had played on this tiny screen, even I, who am not a Nirvana fan at all, was wishing I could watch the entire film right now.

Kurt Cobain: About A Son Track List - BUY
1. Steve Fisk & Benjamin Gibbard — overture
2. "never intended" [interview excerpt]
3. Arlo Guthrie — motorcycle song
4. The Melvins — eye flys
5. "punk rock" [interview excerpt]
6. Bad Brains — banned in d.c.
7. Creedence Clearwater Revival — up around the bend
8. Half Japanese — put some sugar on it [mp3]
9. The Vaselines — son of a gun
10. Butthole Surfers — graveyard
11. "hardcore was dead" [interview excerpt]
12. Scratch Acid — owner's lament
13. Mudhoney — touch me i'm sick
14. "car radio" [interview excerpt]
15. Iggy Pop — the passenger
16. Lead Belly — the bourgeois blues
17. R.E.M. — new orleans instrumental no. 1
18. "the limelight" [interview excerpt]
19. David Bowie — the man who sold the world
20. Mark Lanegan — museum
21. Benjamin Gibbard — indian summer

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