October 16, 2007

Feist is now a drummer? Hey, Jack White!

When Feist toured Europe recently she brought along the enigmatic Bob Wiseman as her opening act. On the final night of Wiseman's supporting gig in Munich, Feist came out before her set to lend a hand and sat behind the drumkit to play (and sing) along with "You Don't Love Me" off of Wiseman's More Work Songs From The Planet Of The Apes. Bob is still touring Europe, visit his myspace for details and dates. Here's proof that Bob writes and plays a good song and that Ms Feist knows what to hit on a drumkit.

Check for Feist dates here.

bob wiseman dead inside [mp3]
feist mushaboom (postal service remix) [mp3]

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1 comment:

  1. I saw a show a couple of years ago after the release of Let It Die, and she was drumming then, as well.

    When I saw her in June, however, she was not. I'm not sure about when she decides to do this, but it definitely spices up the show (as if it was even needed!).