October 18, 2007

The National and Kings of Leon: A Different Drummer

Just today I was listening to my mp3 player and The National and Kings of Leon came up repeatedly which made me realize how much drumming, or interesting drumming, can draw me into a song. The National are still touring in support of their great album, Boxer, and it was this record that I was listening to while working. Although songs like "Brainy" didn't cast a spell upon me right off the bat, after many, many listens, the drum patterns doled out by Bryan Devendorf, on "Brainy" in particular, simply began to mesmerize me. The effect isn't as powerful on some tracks from the Kings of Leon's latest record, Because of The Times, but Nathan Followill's playing adds a rhythmic edge to many of the songs... especially "McFearless".

the national brainy [mp3]
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kings of leon mcfearless [mp3]
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  1. my co-worker plays them all the time! she's converted me. and i in turn, converted everyone to Sohodolls! www.myspace.com/sohodollsusa

    a really sexy group from London! check them out