October 11, 2007

REM: "Until The Day Is Done" Debuts on CNN... WTF?

REM debuted a new song on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360º last night, now who is Anderson Cooper? I don't watch cable anymore, I mean I don't have cable anymore. After watching the trailer for the special, Planet In Peril, featuring REM's song, "Until The Day Is Done", I thought that Cooper would do himself and the planet some good by talking to David Suzuki, a Canadian environmental activist who has done just about all he could for the good of the planet. Anyway, we're here for the music and it's nothing to get excited about... and by 'it' I mean the new song. Did they phone this one in? Cooper's shiny hair is just as exciting, if not more so, than this song.

Planet In Peril airs October 23 - 24 9:00 pm

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  1. Cooper is a CNN correspondent, who happens to be the son of designer/rich lady GLoria Vanderbilt. He really shot to fame after 9/11 and after doing some hurricane reporting (Anderson Cooper, out in the bad weather, doing stupid things!)

    I haven't been excited by R.E.M. in quite a long, long time. Sad, isn't it?

  2. This song will be one of the weaker ones on the new album, which will be a return to melodic rock (long overdue).

    For proof, go to youtube and search for "Living Well's the Best Revenge 04/07/07"

  3. f.j.d. - thanks for the tip and for your comment (which are one and the same, so why am i writing so much here?)