October 30, 2007

VIDEO: The Weakerthans: "Civil Twilight" + MP3s

The Weakerthans are John Samson's baby. His matter of fact nasal vocals are lent a heft through his novelist's eye for detail and his short story writer's editing skill. If you like, or love, the sparkle of John Darnielle's lyrics you have to give The Weakerthans a good listen.

Here's a video for Civil Twilight from the band's latest record on Epitaph Records,

Night Windows from Reunion Tour

Sun In An Empty Room
from Reunion Tour
Last Last One from Fallow
Aside from Left and Leaving
Plea From a Cat Named Virtute from Reconstruction Site


  1. The Weakerthans are one of my very favourite Canadian bands, and Reunion Tour is a solid release. I kind of found this video boring though, I have to say.

    BTW, Left and Leaving is a classic album, and Samson is married to Christine Fellows, another Canadian songwriter whom John Darnielle lists as one of his favourites.

  2. Mason - thanks for the comment. I will have some music from Christine's upcoming record in a few days, I hope.

    it comes out on november 6th.