November 20, 2007

Ruby Isle Cover Dan Bejar's Hello, Blue Roses

Got a quick note from Dan Geller of I am the World Trade Center and Kindercore Records. He just wanted to point out a cover he and Mark Mallman of Minneapolis Rock God did of the new song from the new musical endeavour (Hello Blue Roses) featuring Destroyer's Dan Bejar called "Shadow Falls". This is the note from Dan explaining how and why their band, Ruby Isle, covered the song:

Last Friday, Ruby Isle was in the middle of recording our new record and were looking for some inspiration so we decided to take whatever track was number one on and cover it. It turned out it was a song by Hello, Blue Roses called Shadow Falls. Hello, Blue Roses has that guy Dan Bejar in it from Destroyer and The New Pornographers. This is conincdental because Ryan and I had a friend named Rob that had a label called Catsup Plate that put out a Destroyer record. Then our friend Phil Waldorf put out another Destroyer record on Misra. Then things got all out of control and they signed to Merge and became rock stars. On to the song… It was a pretty easy song to cover because it is very simple. Basically a chorus with some verselike parts that go in and out. Our take on it is VERY different, I hope we don’t offend HBR because we mean no harm. It was just supposed to be a fun send up of a current indie fave. Keep in mind we recorded and mixed it in about 5 hours. So here it is: Ruby Isle - Shadow Falls (Hello, Blue Roses), ENJOY!!!

ruby isle shadow falls
hello blue roses shadow falls


  1. Do you listen architecture in helsinki???


  2. Nooooooooooo

    link doesn't work :(. I know I'm late but still this song has gotten my attention since the album is being released.

  3. Allan - check your email.