November 08, 2007

VIDEO: Bob Wiseman "Who Am I" (featuring Feist:)

CMJ Magazine's online version has got it right by bringing us the premiere of Bob Wiseman's latest self-directed video (watch it here), but they got a few other things wrong. Wiseman was not the singer of the band Blue Rodeo (although he was my favourite part of the band, he handled keyboards) or The Hidden Cameras. It's OK, or easy, to mess up who he played with, or whose record he played on, he's helped out a lot of artists such as Ron Sexsmith, Final Fantasy, and Royal City to mention just a few. Also, CMJ, when you use the term Canuck to refer to a Canadian, please don't spell it 'Cannuck'.

Check out Feist playing drums with Wiseman in this previous Sixeyes post.

Bob Wiseman who am i [mp3]

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