December 03, 2007

Andrew Bird : Beacon Theatre: Live Review

Andrew Bird @ Beacon Theatre: written by Alex Pellerano

What a Friday in NYC.

An impromptu exchange with a limo driver named Bobby resulted in my arrival at Beacon theatre in a white mini-stretch. An affordable and credit card accepting liquor concession graced the lobby. A 'Jack on the rocks' brought me to row G. A phenomenal performance ensued, highlighting a complete evening.

Andrew Bird is firmly cementing himself as one of the most talented musicians in indie rock. In the midst of an international tour, alternating between theaters and festivals, his Beacon Theater performance was classical and enjoyed. Playing tracks off various albums, the set list was buoyed by; "Heretics", "Fake Palindromes", "Opposite Day", "Plasticities", and "Dark Matter", among others . He played and plucked the violin with extreme proficiency, switching between guitar, xylophone, and whistling mid-song.

The elegance of his sound bends genres. Seeing him live can chill you out and inspire. Andrew's 2007 release is titled Armchair Apocrypha and is available on Fat Possum Records.

Alex Pellerano

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Here is Andrew Bird's Black Session from 2005:
a nervous tic motion of the head to the left
measuring cups
banking on a myth
fake palindromes
armchair apocrypha
tables and chairs
capital isle

Check out his upcoming tour dates here.

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